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Mum & Dad Mencher visit to Singapore

Justin | | 1312 days ago

A small set of the many photos from Mum & Dad’s Singapore visit. I recommend that you view the photos on Flickr here

Amongst the sights: the Singapore Zoo, Haw Por Villas, Island Club, Mum’s birthday dinner on the roof of the Hilton, Gardens by the Bay, the Asian Civilisations Museum, dinner at Chee Hoon house, Jurong Bird Park, the Singapore river, walking to school, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, the Art & Science Museum Singapore, the Singapore Flyer (ferris wheel), Little India, Chinatown and more!

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Christmas time vacation in the Gulf, Dubai + Doha

Justin | | 1411 days ago

A first time visit to see Manuel, Lucy & Manuel Jr in Dubai and Tim, Nailya, Emily and Elise and Lilya in Doha, with side trips to the camel races, dancing fountains, the singing dunes and lots and lots of eating – kebabs, lamb chops, hummus, baba ghanouj, washed down with lemon and mint juice, not forgetting Lilya’s delcious plov!

You can view the photos on Flickr here

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Brief visit to Langkawi, Malaysia, Dec 2012

Justin | | 1411 days ago

A lovely, relaxing family beach holiday in the wilds of north Langkawi, surrounded by loads of wildlife, including Dusky langurs (with bright orange babies!), crab-eating macaques, giant geckos and flying lemurs.
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Family Visit in CT

Justin | | 1485 days ago
Clan Mencher

Yes, it’s the entirety of the Mencher Clan, (with the exception of a Mr Stephen Isles allegedly detained on important business in Malibu, CA). It only took 38 shots to get one in which most everyone was smiling.

There were plenty of good times including outings on Lake Candlewood, visits to the animal farm, ice cream runs and a couple of birthday celebrations. No major injuries and no one even got close to killing anyone else in the whole two weeks!

Photos below are a mixture of pics from several cameras.

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Visit to the UK - London, Norfolk and Wales, June 2013

Justin | | 1591 days ago

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Visit to Sydney, Feb 2013

Justin | | 1658 days ago

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2012 Photos

Justin | | 1786 days ago

My blog posts have become bigger and less frequent. At this rate you’ll get another massive one in 2014 – but today there are THREE posts! I have put them on individual pages so that those of you in slow internet places have a fighting chance of seeing them.

Please see the previous pages for the other posts and galleries (click on the page number or ‘Next’ at the bottom of the page).

Here are a few of the better photos taken throughout the year, mostly in Singapore, some on a short visit to Thailand in the spring.

Visits – lots of family and friends

We were very lucky to have LOTS of friends and family visiting this year, April, Ben and Dan Wilson, David, Allison Kai and Keegan Ratner, and senior members of the Mencher/ Winter clans who spent a large part of August and September with us – Mum & Dad Mencher, Aunty Molly Martin (accompanied by cousin Anne Buerger) and Aunty Anne Smart (who has unwittingly contributed several photos to the gallery).

Shanghai – Friends and a Wedding

We all went up to Shanghai to go to Donna and Gary’s lovely wedding (photos in another album here) and were able to get together with some old friends, including the very much missed Ayi Nancy, who was greeted with great excitement by Edie and Ilse. David and Allison, Kai and Keegan kindly hosted a lovely party for us at GVV – just like old times.

A joyful reunion with Ayi Nancy

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Click on page links below for more photos.

Winter week in the Maldives

Justin | | 1786 days ago

The building excitement of a week in the Maldives – coral atolls in the south Indian Ocean – was only slightly dampened by profuse quantities of rain and wind during much of our stay. The pluses – enforced relaxation, no sunburn, the girls language leaping ahead from watching endless repeats of classic Disney films overshadowed the minor inconveniences. We snorkeled, we swam in the pool, we fed stingrays on the beach, bothered small hermit crabs, I went scuba diving, we ate very expensive and mediocre food, and came away feeling much more relaxed.

A set of people photos:

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And a set of fish photos:

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Our summer holiday in Maliboo-boo

Justin | | 1786 days ago

We had a fabulously relaxing stay with the Isles for a few weeks in August – didn’t go anywhere much and let the kids play together. It was great! Here are a few snaps:

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Long-overdue catch-up...

Justin | | 2097 days ago

This post is long overdue. Is moving 2 small children, a cat and 65 cubic metres of household particulars all the way across Asia a good excuse? I hope so, because that’s the only one I’ve got.

I’ve got a big batch of photos for you, but first a little chit-chat.


We took a visit to Bali in October before we left Shanghai so that Sharon could get a break before starting her new job. We went with Por-por, Kong-kong, Uncle Arthur and Aunty Iling, and had a great time lolling about at the beach. The girls really enjoyed playing in the shallows at low tide and I got some really good shots of them at sunset.

Shanghai to Singapore

The move to Singapore went smoothly, but it’s never easy. So many things to look after and (for me) learn about the new country. It’s a world away from Shanghai – warm, tropical climate, clean air and lots of good food – but much more expensive! The girls seemed to adapt very well, perhaps because they had visited several times before and all the familiar family and friends are here. They do miss their Ayis Nancy and Lilly, though.

Birthdays, Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year

We arrived to a long procession of celebrations, starting with Edie’s and Ilse’s second birthdays in October. We had a party in Shanghai and another little one in Singapore. This was swiftly followed by Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year. I think there was Hari Rajah in there somewhere as well, although I’m not entirely clear on what that is.

Elephant Poo

There is SO much for the children to do here. We have an annual membership to the zoo and bird park and go at least once a month. One of the most fascinating events is the 9:30 elephant feeding, where visitors can give them carrots and apples. During one of these sessions, one of the elephants (who are lolling in a large pond just below the walkway) did a large poo into the water, to the utter amazement of Edie and Ilse. This became a talking point for days to come and was raised in any conversation at any time:

“Come along, Edie, let’s get your pajamas on”
“Want fairy ones”
“OK, here are the ones with the fairy on.”
“Elephant did a poo”
“Yes, he did.”

“What would you like for breakfast, Ilse?”
“Elephant did a poo”
“Yes. Yes, a big poo.”

And so on. We’ve moved on from that now. Next items of interest: giraffe feeding and water slides.

The Tantrum Era (TE)

We have entered the Tantrum Era, which in Ilse’s case, sounds something like this:

“I want it! I want it!”
“OK, here you are, but don’t forget to say please.”
DON’T want it! NO!”
“I thought you wanted it?”
“I want it”
“NO! DON’T WANT IT! Waaaaaaaaaaaa!”

She starts her agitation by shaking her hands, then her whole arms, then starts jumping up and down and finally when the screams erupt, hurls herself backwards. Normal toddler, I guess. Edie has them as well, but isn’t quite as violent. Yet.

Here is the mammoth set of pics. See the slide show by clicking on the link and maximising the window.

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  1. Sharon and Justin, the girls are beautiful; thanks for sharing all those photos. Looks like you will have your hands full for a while now that the “terrible twos” phase is here. You are blessed. Glad you all made the move okay. Hope we can connect the next time you are in Indy. Best regards.

    MarciaMar 28, 04:14 PM

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